Even high-quality jewellery needs special care, whether 14K or 18K gold. Knowing some simple jewellery care rules will help to keep your precious collection everlasting for generations. As professionals, we're here to answer all common questions about jewellery care:

When should I take my engagement ring off?

It is recommended to take any kind of jewelry when working with chemicals or doing high impact work. Please better remove your rings when:

1. Cleaning your home: chemicals may harm the metal and gemstones

2. Doing sports, especially contact sports or working out in a gym

3. Swimming in a pool: water with chlorine can weaken gold

4. Swimming in the sea: a ring can easily slip off in a cold water

5. Doing your skincare routine: moisturisers will leave a greasy film on a metal and gemstones, it will diminish the brilliance over time


White gold jewelry care

All white gold jewellery is rhodium plated for giving a lustre and white shine. Rhodium has a thin layer which will tear off over the time, so it is not recommended to use polishing cloth. White gold jewelry can have a bit of a yellow tone over time, but it can be easily fixed. Bring it to your local jeweller once a year for a re-plating.